Glyde Golf Privacy Policy

Glyde Golf is committed to providing a safe, secure and user friendly online experience.

This policy explains how, when and why we collect personal information about people who visit and use our website. This includes people who do and do not order anything but use to browse. This policy is subject to change.

Any questions about this policy or why we collect, store and process user data please email

Who Are We?

Glyde Golf – Unit 3
Vallum Farm
East Wallhouses
0800 779 7730
Ciaran Duncan Glyde T/A Glyde Golf
VAT No: GB194980652

How Do We Collect Information?

Glyde Golf collects some information on visitors to the website through the use of cookies. To learn more about the use on cookies for website tracking please see our Cookie Policy. We also sometimes track the way our visitors use the site using tracking software that records mouse movements and clicks but not personal information. We also collect and store customer information that is submitted via the checkout process during purchase, via the email newsletter sign up and over the phone. Full payment card details are not stored by Glyde Golf but are processed by a third party that specialise in the secure collection, processing and storage of card details and are Level 1 PCI compliant.

What Type of Information is Collected?

We do not collect any information unnecessarily. The type of information we collect can include a person’s name, postal address, email address, IP address, information about which web pages have been accessed, the device type and browser used to access the website.

How is Your Information Used?

Glyde Golf store data in the form of customer records that are used to maintain a relationship history with each individual that registers an account with Glyde Golf. These records make it possible to deal with any future warranty claims, returns and the issuing of loyalty discount promotions. We also maintain a list of email addresses in order to send out promotional emails to previous Glyde Golf customers or those that have submitted their email to the marketing list. We may contact customers or those on the email newsletter list to notify them of changes to our terms of services and send out requested communication such as proof of purchase or order history.

Retention periods for this information are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure we do not store any information unnecessarily. We offer our customers the right to erasure where by they can request we delete all of the stored information we have that relates to them. For more information email: As a matter of course we store information for as long as we feel is suitable to maintain an acceptable level of service to our customers or until we are asked to delete it.

Who Has Access to Your Information

Glyde Golf will not sell or rent your personal data to to third parties. We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes. We will share your information with third parties only for the purposes of completing tasks and providing services to you on our behalf. When this is done only the most relevant information is shared to complete the task and those third parties are bound to maintain security and confidentiality and not to share, sell or hire personal information.

When you place an order at Glyde Golf your payment is processed using a secure third party payment processor. If you have any questions about secure payments please email:

Your Right to Choose

You have a choice as to whether Glyde Golf stores any or all of your personal data and how we process it. We will not contact you for marketing purposes by email, phone or text message unless you have indicated that you are happy for us to do so.

How to Find Out What We Hold

You have the right to ask if Glyde Golf stores your information, what information we hold and why we store and process it. To find out more about making a request for information please email


Glyde Golf uses security measures to protect from the loss or alteration of your personal information. Sensitive information such as credit card details are encrypted and the site uses a valid SSL certificate. We offer customers the option to set up a Glyde Golf account which gives you access to specific parts of the website. We ask you not to share these login details with anyone. We may also use your personal information to detect and prevent fraud.